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Home Care from Home Care Assistance in Pleasant View, TN

Home Care Assistance offers the most advanced and personalized senior care programs

Thanks for checking out Pleasant View, Tennessee! We hope you’ll stay awhile. Pleasant View, TN offers a small-town rural feel with many young families and young professionals living in the area. Here you’ll find fun family-centric activities, like movie theaters, arcades, malls and parks! Life for seniors in Pleasant View, TN is carefree and easy-going.

Home Care Assistance is proud to be the premier providers of senior home care right here in Pleasant View, TN! It is such a privilege to serve seniors and their families with the customized care plans they deserve. One of our goals is here is to learn all about our seniors’ individual needs by identifying their medical background, preferred lifestyle, social and wellness goals, and more – all to provide them with a completely personalized experience!

We understand that each senior is an individual, and so we provide both basic and advanced needs. A care plan all depends on your senior’s lifestyle and medical needs. Services for basic needs include help with meal preparation, grocery shopping, running errands, housekeeping, bathing, and more. For advanced needs, we offer specialized services such as Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, after-hospital care recovery, after-stroke recovery, and hospice care.

Last, but certainly not least, we would love to tell you about Home Care Assistance’s exclusively developed programs! These are programs only we can offer for your senior. First, the Balanced Care Method helps seniors improve their health through a healthy diet, exercise, and both social and mental stimulation. Next, the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, to improve seniors’ visual-spatial perception, memory, language, and executive functioning.

Why Choose Home Care Assistance in Pleasant View, TN?

We are so proud to offer Pleasant View, TN’s top caregivers – each who are skilled and experienced in our personalized senior care programs! All of our caregivers have completed rigorous trainings so they can provide the proper senior care for your loved one. We take the extra step and focus on personality matching as well, all to pair your senior with the right caregiver based on compatibility! Our caregivers have all received a thorough background check that includes a reference check, psychological exam, and personality exam.

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Home Care Assistance is thrilled to provide families with flexibility! Whether your senior needs around-the-clock care or care that fits their schedule, we can accommodate them. Please feel free to call us today, speak with our experts, and schedule your consultation!

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