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How Music Can Support Mental Health in Aging

By Debbie Nunn, 10:11 am on

The love for music is part of humans’ DNA. A particular song at any given moment can make a person feel excited, relaxed, happy, or sad. The ability of music to impact our emotions can be especially powerful for us as we get older. Whether you’re a senior, or are providing in home care for an elderly loved one, here are some of the ways music can improve your life.

  • A Mood Booster — It’s no secret that music has an emotional impact. Whenever you or your elderly loved one are feeling down, play some music that puts you in a positive mood. If you catch yourself singing and dancing along, then it’s a good sign that it’s working!
  • Music Stimulates the Mind — You don’t have to be a professional musician to benefit from music’s mind-sharpening attributes. Picking a tune on a guitar, or playing a simple song on the piano excites your senses, helping you with your ability to stay focused as you age.
  • A Calming Effect — Music can help anyone relax, and this can be particularly helpful to those suffering from memory-related issues. If you’re the provider of in home care for a loved one, playing the right music can help them make connections between people and places, and create a feeling of comfort they might otherwise lack.
  • Inspiration to Move — Sometimes you don’t want to relax. If you need to get active, put on some high-energy music to inspire your workout. Just having some music pumping while you’re doing household chores can help you stay fit and alert.

Incorporate Music Into Daily Living

As the provider of in home care, it’s going to be your job to keep the music flowing. Check out nearby venue schedules to see if there are any upcoming concerts your senior might enjoy. Are you a musician? If so, you can put on your own in-home concert from time to time. You can also sign your loved one up to a popular streaming site such as Pandora or Spotify, and create playlists that suit their interests. Anything you can do to increase the presence of music in their life can do a tremendous amount of good.

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