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How to Recognize Mental Health Problems in the Elderly

By Debbie Nunn, 11:08 am on

Do you know the signs of mental health illness? If you have a senior loved one in home care, you should absolutely take the time to learn what they are. It is unfortunately very common for seniors to experience mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, and these illnesses often go untreated. Some of the signs can be harder to detect and go unnoticed, which can have a severe impact on a senior’s body, mind, and overall health and wellness. If you believe your senior might be struggling with their mental health, it is so important to learn the signs, so you know what to watch for and when to seek help. Read on below and become familiar with the warnings.

Subtle Signs

Trouble with Sleeping. It is perfectly normal to sleep more in old age, but too much or too little sleep can be a sign. Watch and see how tired your senior appears to be during the day. This can tip you off to a change in their sleeping habits.

Loss of Appetite. Have you noticed your senior’s diet or appetite has changed? Signs to watch for include if your senior is eating less than normal, has weight gain or loss, picks at their food, or is skipping meals.

More Withdrawn. If your senior is showing a lack of interest in activities that they previously engaged in, or if they have been in less contact with family and friends, this could be a sign.

Overt Signs

Lack of Personal Hygiene. Take notice of if your senior begins to neglect their personal hygiene. Seniors suffering from mental illness can stop performing basic grooming tasks, like showering or brushing their teeth.

Heavy Mood Swings. Seniors who are experiencing anxiety or depression may not necessarily seem sad or upset all the time. They will actually be more prone to mood swings – moods that change drastically, quickly, and often.

If you still need help determining if your senior needs help with their mental health, Home Care Assistance of Clarksville is here to help. Our caregivers can assist you in getting your senior loved one feeling better and back to normal. Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation.

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