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In Home Care Tips: Creating a Safer Home for Your Aging Loved Ones

By Debbie Nunn, 5:26 pm on

If your senior loved one is aging comfortably in their own home, you know that nothing is of greater importance than making sure they are safe at home. To create a safer environment for your senior, there are several steps you can follow and help them live their best life. Read through our in-home care advice below so you can ensure your senior’s safety at home.

Observe & Update

Walkthrough the Home

To begin, we recommend taking a walk-through of your senior’s home. But don’t breeze through it. Really take your time to observe what needs updating around the home to keep your senior safe. Watch for potential risks and hazards, such as clutter on the floor or poorly placed rugs that could cause a fall. Make sure pathways are clear so your senior can move through their home with ease.

Make Necessary Updates

Once you have made your notes and are prepared, it’s time to dive in and make all the necessary updates throughout the home. Some of the most typical updates will include swapping out regular rugs and mats for ones that have a rubber backing so that a fall is less likely. You can also install handrails above toilets and in the shower for extra stability for your senior.

Take Extra Precautions

Stay Connected

Staying connected with your senior can be critical to their safety. If they are at home alone often or for long periods of time, check-in regularly with phone calls or video chats – this can be lifesaving! Consider installing a security camera in their home if you are especially concerned for their safety.

Ask a Professional

To ease your mind and feel confident about your senior’s safety, bring in a professional who is trusted and qualified to look after them. A caregiver makes an excellent choice to help keep your senior safe in their home. Plus, they will even help with other basic tasks and are great providers of companionship!

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