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The Best Tips to Calm Someone Down with Dementia

By Debbie Nunn, 9:50 pm on

Whether you are visiting with or caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, one thing is for sure: It is invaluable to know how to properly help calm them down in any situation where they should be come upset. De-escalation of the situation and getting the senior calm is your main goal, and once that’s achieved, you can help them solve their problem. We have found several effective methods to help a senior with dementia calm down, and we’re sharing our top four tips below.

Mirror Their Emotions.

Mirroring the senior’s emotions can help you gather clues as to how the senior is feeling and even why the are feeling that way. Try to match their distress levels to the best of their ability so you can show them that you sympathize with them and understand how they are feeling.

Take Deep Breaths.

Taking deep breaths is the second part of mirroring their emotions. The concept behind this method is that the senior will also mirror your behaviors. They should begin taking deep breaths too, and once they do, you can help them focus on the exhales. Exaggerated exhales help open up their ribcage and let in more oxygen.

Take Their Hand.

Make sure you are being observant and noticing the senior’s body language. Are they reaching out their hands for you? If so, gently take them in their own. If they’re not, you can offer them your hand instead. The hand-over-hand method should be done in a natural manner and is a comforting gesture.

Use Heartbeat Rhythm.

Once you’re holding the senior’s hands in your own, think about the rhythm of a heartbeat. Now, gently incorporate that rhythm by pumping their hands. Just be sure you are not causing them any pain or agitation. This is another small yet soothing gesture that can go a long way in helping a senior calm down.

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