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Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible for an Elderly Loved One

By Debbie Nunn, 10:55 am on

When it comes to providing senior care to your elderly loved one, nothing matters more than their comfort. This is especially true if you help care for a senior in your own home; sometimes making your house as accessible as possible can present a real challenge.

Though your home may be perfectly fine for you and your family, for your senior, there might be several obstacles you haven’t considered. But don’t panic! Fortunately, there are several home improvement projects you can do in your home to help make it more accessible and secure for your senior!

The Exterior

To start, consider installing a no-step entryway if one does not already exist! What this means is that from the sidewalk, up to the driveway, and then to the front door, there are absolutely no steps. The lack of steps makes entering and exiting the home much easier on your senior! Particularly if they have trouble with mobility or is in a wheelchair.

The Bathroom

The bathroom, a room that should be comfy for your senior as much time is spent here, we recommend installing grab bars and handles above both toilets and in the shower. These will help your senior to raise and lower themselves safely. Also consider installing an elevated toilet to make it easier to get up from, or a roll-in shower that is simpler to enter and exit. If you have a shower with enough room, you may also put in a chair for your senior to sit if standing too long is a challenge for them.

The Bedroom

Since your senior will spend a significant amount of time in their own bedroom, this space should not be overlooked. Generally, you want to make sure they have enough room to maneuver around safely and easily. If there is closet space or any other areas with shelving, make sure they can be easily reached. Instead of using the traditional flip switch for lights, try rolling light switches that make it easier on your senior’s hands.

The Kitchen

With a few larger installations, you can have your kitchen more in tune with senior care in no time! Consider installing countertops of varying height and cooking surfaces that are lower. These things can save your senior trouble with back pain – especially if they enjoy cooking! Appliances that are mounted should be kept at reachable heights.

If you need some more help learning how to make home safe for your loved one, Home Care Assistance is here to assist you. Please give our experts a call and schedule your consultation today!

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