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Where to Get Home Medical Equipment Seniors Need

By Debbie Nunn, 2:05 pm on

While home care provides many great benefits for seniors, like being in the comfort of a familiar home and aging with dignity, there is often a major challenge it presents, too: Making sure the home is accessible for the senior.

The aging process makes things like moving around and performing daily tasks and function difficult for seniors, and often times, one of the solutions is to place medical equipment throughout the home to increase the senior’s safety. If this is the situation for your senior, one of the best things you can do is determine what kind of medical equipment your senior needs and learn where you can find it.

Medical Equipment Examples

In order to make the home more accessible for your senior, you can place specific medical equipment throughout the home, room to room. A perfect example is the bathroom, where equipment can be used to make daily tasks and functions easier. We recommend installing grab bars in the shower and above the toilet. These allow your senior to raise and lower themselves with ease.

If your senior needs access to a more convenient bathroom, you may also consider purchasing a portable toilet to be used anywhere. Other medical equipment examples include those specifically made to help get your senior on the move. Canes and walkers assist with mobility and should be kept nearby your senior at all times. These make moving around the home a whole lot easier!

Where to Find Medical Equipment

Go Through Insurance

For seniors who have an insurance company like Medicare, usually the insurance will cover all or a partial sum of the new medical equipment needed. A doctor’s prescription is often required by the insurance company for any equipment. But sometimes, insurance won’t cover equipment costs for home care, so it is best to know all your options.

Buy Used Equipment

Those who have to pay out-of-pocket for medical equipment probably do not want brand new equipment, which can be extremely costly. An alternative route is to purchase used equipment. You can find various listings from retailers and independent living centers in your area, and it is even worthwhile to check out community resources such as Facebook Marketplace and local second-hand stores.

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